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High Intensity Focused Ultrasound - For Tightening Skin, Smooth the SMAS Layer, Contour, & Melt Fat

  • 1 h
  • From 150 British pounds
  • Minerva Avenue

Service Description

HIFU- a safe, effective and non invasive procedure to tighten the skin. This treatment is a great option compared to a surgical face lift- no incisions, no scaring no recovery time at a fraction of the price. Who is a good candidate for the treatment? The treatment may not be appropriate for everyone. In general, the procedure is best for people aged 30+ with mild to moderate skin laxity. People with a higher degree of loose skin or photo damaged skin may need several treatments before seeing expected results. Benefits- • Tighter skin • Firmer skin • Reduced wrinkles • Collegen production • No damage to skin • No downtime • Melts fat • Contours and defines • Lifts cheeks, brows & eyelids • Enhance jawline • Tighten decollate • Smooth skin • Tighten SMAS layer How does it work- High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) works by creating heat deep within the dermis. Once the cells in targeted are heated this causes cellular damage- this sound horrendous... but it’s actually the way our body rejuvenate and build collagen! The increase in collagen then results in tighter, firmer skin, with fewer wrinkles. Although some benefits can be seen straight away, the full results can be seen 3 months after treatment, this is because after the treatment the body is busy building all the new collagen, and breaking down the fat cells. What to expect during treatment- • Treatment area is cleaned with a mini facial • Numbing cream is applied to treatment areas and left for 10 minutes • Ultrasound gel is then applied to the skin • Short pulses are the applied to the area. • Treatment takes approximately 30-90 minutes, depending on area being treated • Although the treatment is bearable there is a small amount of bearable discomfort, but you may take ibuprofen & paracetamol before hand if you would like Side effects- So with the treatment being so effective you’d assume some downtime right? WRONG! Your face will look slightly flushed, but that’s about it! A light tingling sensation may be present for a couple of weeks, but not always, & very rarely you might experience some numbness or bruising which is still classed as normal but is very very rare and would only last a few days (non of our clients have had this but its a possibility so important to highlight).

Contact Details

  • Cassandras aesthetics, Minerva Avenue, Chester, UK

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